Overcome/ Understand

regain your balance beams

Survivors undergo repetitive trauma that they must rise above over and over again.
Trauma knocks victims off balance and healing happens only when balance is restored.

hill tire crawl

WSCC GOAL traverse

While dragging the weight of their trauma, Overcomers have to crawl before they can run.
Survivors must hang on and keep moving forward to Overcome abuse.
Sandbag carry
Mahle Tire Pull
Survivors have to carry the burden of their trauma with them for the rest of their lives.
Often victims are held back by fear, lies, and lack of resources.

Web of Lies

Lowe's slam Ball

Abusers often control their victims with an elaborate web of lives. 
Overcomers persevere through the rise and fall of their belief in their own ability to survive and thrive.

Roll, Roll, Roll


The Cycle of violence is a repetitive pattern of behaviors by the abuser intended to control the victim. 
Setting and reaching goals helps survivors overcome daily challenges.

flex freedom strong wall

Power Bars

With each move forward survivors conquer their fear of falling and regain their power. 
Victims face challenges that require help from others to overcome.

the pit of despair

Tuff Torq Log carry

Adults and children who experience domestic violence have increased risk to experience depression. 
The Burden of violence is awkward and difficult to carry. 

Burke-alley slant wall

Hay you, yes you!

Sometimes the barriers get bigger and require even more help.
Everyone must rise to the challenge to end domestic violence.

Flex freedom stronger wall

Roger's Petroleum BMX track

In the end, overcomers pull themselves up and over with support and encouragement!
Abusive relationships are very unstable and survivors struggle to keep their footing while carrying the weight of their trauma.

Porter tire uphill run

Downhill crawl

Every step has the potential to trip up an overcomer.
Beaten down physcially and emotionally, overcomers have to crawl before they can run.

Give a flip

Tunnel of Hopes

Moving large obstacles like culturally accepted violence is a task for everyone.
Abusers put victims in a very dark place where they often have a steep, uphill climb to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.